Cod and Parsley Sauce

Cod & Parsley Sauce

This is a super easy traditional meal. Traditionally parsley sauce was the Liquor that came with your pie and mash. The liquor arches back to when the docks of London were busy ports and the poorest working classes had to make do with what was cheap and in vast supply. Usually this was the water they used to boil the eels in on the docks. Nowadays there aren’t many eels being cooked on the banks of the Thames so now we pimp it up with a lovely rich béchamel.

Our homemade sauces are versatile and these recipes are just guidelines as we want you to enjoy cooking and experiment! Our staff are always there to help with expert advice. You can use a variety of fish for this dish like haddock, pollock or salmon. It’s also great with different types vegetables and potatoes.


  • 2 x 180g – 200g cod
  • 2 cm square pieces of butter
  • 1 tub Sandys parsley sauce
  • ¼ bunch of parsley roughly chopped
  • 2 portions of vegetables and potatoes – our favourite is tender stem broccoli or samphire and buttered new jersey royals with plenty of butter

Suggested Wine Pairing


Pre heat the grill to a high heat
Put the sauce in a pan and start heating on a gentle heat
Place the cod on none stick tray or a small piece of grease proof paper, put the cubes of butter on each of the fish and season with salt and pepper
Grill the fish for about 8 – 10 minutes
If the sauce gets to thick just add a touch of water


To test the fish, use a thin knife or skewer and push into the thickest part of the fish, if it slides in with no resistance or springiness it’s done! We find the tail ends are better for this dish as they grill more evenly and hold together better. If you have any leftover cooked vegetables or potatoes in the fridge you can always heat them up in the sauce.

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