Frequently Asked Questions

At Sandys Fishmongers in Twickenham, our friendly fishmongers always do their best to answer your questions in-store. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we get from our loyal customers and the responses correct at the time of going press!

On request, we will “Vac-Pac” your fish; this method will help extend the shelf-life of your fish. The fish is placed in a special bag and the air is removed before being sealed.

Sandys will prepare your fish for you free of charge, just how your recipe calls for.

Yes! None of our fresh fish has ever been frozen – see your freezer’s guide for how long it will stay frozen.

Almost every day! Our fish comes from either Billingsgate Market in London, or directly from the coasts of the UK.

Whilst you can’t place an order directly through the website, you can ring us up at our store in Twickenham and we’ll happily deliver within the local area.

Our staff can recommend a suitable method, or you can try a recipe from our recipe database!

We are committed to hygiene, with our cleaning procedure taking around 1.5 hours to complete. The fish has to be removed before we can thoroughly clean & rinse every display container and counter. Afterwards, the floors are scrubbed with bleach and rinsed. Our staff will continue to serve whilst we clean.

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