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Fresh Fish, Meat, Game, Cheese, Deli Items and Wine from Sandys

At Sandys, our dedication to sourcing free-range, sustainable, local produce is second to none.

All the produce we source is fresh – and often seasonal – and the majority is sourced within the UK and prepared in-house at our store in Twickenham. As well as sustainable fishing, we also source day boat fish so that our produce is the freshest fish you can find. These sustainable measures ensure the food you cook is beautiful and full of flavour.

Sandys Fishmonger Shopfront

Care and Preparation from Sandys Fishmongers

Only the best produce is selected for our store in Twickenham.

We only sell quality fish that is sure to create a delicious dish for you and your family. Our experienced fishmongers, in-house butchers, and delicatessen team will prepare and pack your produce for you exactly as you require it.

Sandys Deliveries

Delivery for Trade and Residential Customers

If you need to buy fresh fish in London but you can’t make it to our store or Billingsgate Market, don’t worry. At Sandys Fishmongers, we aim to provide the local community with fresh fish, free-range poultry, organic meat, wine and deli items.

That is why we deliver your fresh produce straight to your home or business. You can have fresh fish delivered every time; just ask our staff about our delivery areas.

Sandys Smoked Salmon

Delicious Smoked Produce

In addition to our fresh seafood, meat, and poultry, we also stock a selection of delicious smoked fish and chicken sourced from the finest smokehouses in Scotland.

From traditional smoked salmon to eel, halibut, and trout, we always have a great choice of smoked products in our shop. In common with everything else that we supply, our smoked products are of the highest quality available anywhere in the country.

The One-Stop Shop for Tasty Meals

Although we are primarily known as a quality fishmonger, we can supply everything you need to make a delicious meal.

To accompany our fresh fish, seafood, meat, game and poultry, we also stock fresh herbs, eggs, a select range of fruit and vegetables, wine, and much more. We also prepare homemade sauces and stock, a variety of tasty mustards, pickles, olive oils, mayonnaise, and seasonings for sushi.

If you need a delicious accompaniment to your fresh fish, simply ask us. We’re always happy to advise if you’re not sure which sauce, mustard or pickle will complement your dish. Just pop in or call us in advance so we can let you know what’s in stock.

Sandys Catering

Party Catering Services

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or holding a corporate event, we can supply party platters filled with fresh seafood and, if required, paired with our carefully matched wine selection. There is nothing better than fish and shellfish complemented by the right wine.

Platters can be designed specifically to your tastes and budget and we’re more than happy to give you presentation advice to add that extra wow factor to the party or celebration!

Cod & Parsley Sauce for Shop page

Cooking Ideas

If you need inspiration, we have a selection of recipes created in-house, all of which can be made with the produce you purchase from us.

We’re always very happy to suggest a recipe, but it’s also great to see your culinary creativity, too, so don’t forget to share the finished product with us by tagging us on social media!

You don’t have to wonder where your fishmonger shops near me are anymore. At Sandys, we provide the best fish and seafood – along with a whole other range of produce – to our customers. Pop in or contact us if you have any questions.

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