Smoked Specialties

Full flavoured smoked fish from the finest smoke houses

Sourcing only the finest smoked produce from our smoke house suppliers in Scotland.

We sell high quality smoked fish from the Balmoral and John Ross Jr. Smoke Houses.  Our selection includes smoked salmon, smoked eel, smoked trout and smoked chicken. Our smoke house suppliers are holders of Royal Warrants, guaranteeing the quality of their smoked produce.

Some faves from our delicious range of smoked products

  • Balmoral Smoked Salmon Fillet
  • Bradan Rost Hot Smoked Salmon
  • Coln Valley Traditional Gravadlax
  • Coln Valley Smoked Trout
  • Dutch Smoked Eels
  • John Ross Smoked Salmon in 100g, 200g, 500g packs
  • John Ross Smoked Salmon Trimmings
  • Pate: smoked mackerel and smoked salmon
  • Smoked Chicken & Duck Breasts

Other smoked produce we have in stock

  • Mild smoked salmon
  • Whole smoked chicken
  • Smoked chicken breast
  • Smoked duck breast
  • Smoked cheese
Sandys Fishmonger Smoked Salmon
Sandys Smoked Salmon
Sandys Smoked Duck
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