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At Sandys, we love cheese and are constantly adding new seasonal offerings together with top-quality, year-round favourites. Years of experience and lots of cheese consumption mean we’re always happy to give you advice on flavours, accompanying biscuits, and wine from our Cellar.

A range of traditional, specialist, and seasonal cheeses.

We understand tastes vary from customer to customer. Some might want a strong, matured cheese with a unique flavour, whereas others may prefer a subtle but pleasing cheese that mixes well with vintage wines. Wherever you stand, we have what you need. From extra mature cheddar to creamy brie, you can find the world’s best cheeses at our shop.

Take a look at our amazing range of cheeses at the deli.


The staple of all cheeses. Here at our cheese shop, we have some of the best cheeses to enjoy to the max.

Mature • Extra Mature • Double Gloucester • Oak Smoked • Red Leicester

Specialist British:

Fancy a well-loved British cheese? As a London cheese shop, we love going back to our roots, so impress your friends with these specialist British cheeses.

Colston Basset Stilton and Shropshire Blue • Baron Bigod • Cornish Brie • Cornish Camembert • Ford Farm Truffler • Hard Goat’s Cheese • Sussex Charmer • White Stilton with Apricots

Clemency Hall’s Gorgeous Waxed Cheese Wheels:

If you are a fan of the artisan cheese, look no further than our range of Clemency Hall’s gorgeous waxed cheese wheels.

Ka-Pow Chilli • Rocking the Herbs • Smoked Splendour • TrulyTruffle • Victorious Vintage

European Cheeses:

Europe knows how to make good cheese, and we’ve taken the best from around the continent to bring you the most delectable range of cheese.

Chaource Lincet • Chevre • Comte • Brie • Creamy Brie • Epoisses • Feta • Gorgonzola – Dolce Latte & Piccante • Gruyere • Halloumi • Jarlsberg • Manchego • Old Amsterdam • Pont L’Eveque • Taleggio • Reblochon

If you need help with cheese selecting, just ask! Here at Sandys, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We go above and beyond for any customer that walks through the door.

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