Fresh Smoked Fish in London

As a specialist fishmonger, Sandys has access to an unparalleled range of fresh smoked fish and ocean produce. Produced in the best UK smokehouses, our produce has a rich, distinct smoked flavour you can’t find just anywhere. From old favourites such as smoked haddock, salmon, and kippers, to more uncommon delicacies like smoked eel and halibut, we cater to all tastes.

Sandys Smoked Fish Produce

You can rest assured that all of our smoked fish London is sustainably sourced. Many of our fish comes from the coast of Scotland, where the fishermen catch the fresh fish that day before it gets smoked. When you buy our fish, you get only the best. Enjoy the unique taste of smoked fish without worrying about where its origins.

Throwing a get-together? Make the evening even more special with a platter of delicious oak smoked haddock, and wash it down with one of our wines. Want something interesting for breakfast this week? Try our Scottish kippers for a delightfully smoky flavour. Whatever the occasion, Sandys has a range of interesting smoked goods and comforting old favourites to meet your requirements.

Our comprehensive range of smoked fish includes these year-round favourites and much more!

Arbroath Smokies • Chalkstream Trout Gravadlax • Eel • Golden & Premium Oak Smoked Haddock • Halibut • Hot Smoked Sprats • Mackerel Fillets: peppered, plain & whole smoked • Manx Kippers • Mild Smoked Salmon • Scottish Kippers • Trout Fillets.

As you can see, our smoked fish range is extensive – you’ll likely find everything you need that isn’t part of the protected status! Whether you aspire to be a Michelin starred chef, or you want some delicious smoked fish to enjoy with your family, Sandys has the smoked fish products you need.

Pop into Our Shop or Use Our Delivery Service

Buy smoked fish in London by using our fish delivery system or popping into our shop in Twickenham. Our customer service is second to none, so expect a warm welcome and delicious smoked fish that you are sure to come back for!

Whether you’re a Secret Smokehouse fan now residing in Twickenham or you’re looking for somewhere fresher for your smoked fish, come to Sandys. From our London cure smoked salmon to our tasty hot smoked sprats, we have the best range of smoked fish to satisfy your tastebuds.

If you have any questions about delivery or the types of smoked fish we supply, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to help!

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