Sea Change Whale Malbec 2020

Sea Change Whale Malbec 2020 – £13

PAIR WITH: Roast meats, ribeye steak, ratatouille, chargrilled vegetables

  • Minervois, Languedoc, FRANCE
  • 100% Malbec
  • Blackberry Spices Violets Jasmine

STYLE: Fruit forward and vibrant with smooth tannins

TEMPERATURE: 16-20ºC Room Temp

ABOUT: Produced by Château Canet in the heart the Minervois, this is a truly versatile wine that is whilst rustic in charm, smooth and sophisticated and bursting with flavour. It’s a very versatile wine that pairs well with meaty dishes as well as lighter dishes. It’s also rather nice when enjoyed on its own. Best drank while in its youth, this Malbec will last for up to two years if stored correctly.

ABV: 13.5%

PLU: 1178

photographs taken from the SeaChange website