Starfish Prosecco Brut NV £16

PAIR WITH: Seafood, sushi, a vegetarian mezze plate or as an aperitif

  • Prosecco DOC, Veneto, ITALY
  • Glera
  • Green Apple, Citrus, Peach and Pear

STYLE: Crisp, light bodied and refreshing


ABOUT: Light and easy drinking in style, this award winning Prosecco is a great way to enjoy a fantastic sparkling wine whilst also contributing to a great cause. You’ll be helping vital research and supporting Sea Change’s charity partner behind the amazing film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ named by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time” and one that has ignited mass consumer awareness around the world.

STARFISH FACTS: Out of the 40 species of starfish that currently exist, 8 are endangered. Starfish are most commonly threatened by ’Sea Star Wasting Disease’ which is said to be caused by global warming. Incredibly and tragically, eight different forms of plastic have been found in the stomachs of starfish.

ABV: 11%

FARMING: Vegetarian, Vegan

PLU: 10179

photographs taken from the SeaChange website

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