Mandrarossa ’Timperosse’ 2019 £17

Pair with: Roasted meat such as Cuban style pork, herbed burgers, seared tuna, blue or herby cheese

  • Menfi, SICILY
  • 100% Petit Verdot
  • Cherry Mulberry Plum Rosemary Sage

TYPE: A fresh and lively palate with soft tannins

TEMPERATURE: 16-20°C Room Temp

ABOUT: The vineyards for this wine are located in the area around Menfi on a selection of the best sites from Cantine Settesoli’s 6000 hectares of vineyards. Situated close to the sea, intense sunlight is moderated by sea breezes to give milder temperatures. Multiple elevations and different soils types also enable Mandrarossa’s winemakers to grow many different grape varieties optimally. Petit Verdot is both an unusual grape for Sicily and one that isn’t usually vinified as a single variety. Winemaker Domenico de Gregorio has successfully produced a young and lively Petit Verdot that’s also intense and elegant.

ABV: 13%

Vegan / Vegetarian

PLU: 1102