Cantina di Gambellara Monopolio Durello Spumante 2018 £15

A charming alternative to Prosecco, Durella is an ancient and indigenous grape from the Lessini area of Veneto between Verona and Vincenza . It’s high acidity and floral nature makes it a crisp, lively aperitif and a great party fizz!

  • Veneto, ITALY
  • 100% Durella
  • Papaya Green Apple Lemon White Flowers Saline

TYPE: Delicate with a fine, long finish

TEMPERATURE: 6-80C Well chilled

ABOUT: La Cantina di Gambellara is based in a small denomination on the border between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona only a few miles east of Soave. The Durella grape is an ancient variety grown in the Lessinia area. Durella’s fresh acidity and delicate aromas and flavours make it an ideal grape for sparkling wine. The vineyards for this wine are mainly located on high hills facing south, maximising their exposure to sunlight. The soils here are of volcanic origin.

ABV: 12% Vegan / Vegetarian

PLU: 823