20 day dry-aged beef, especially from Sandys, Our specialty 20 day dry-aged beef

Fresh Meat: the best cuts and flavour

Only the best lean, fresh meat from the butchers at Sandys

At Sandys we don’t just specialise in fresh fish. We now have our own in-store butcher, who selects and prepares beef, lamb, pork and wild game into the various popular cuts that you require. Known throughout Twickenham for quality, we take great care only to select the best cuts. Where possible, we have either organic meat or quality controlled, free range meat from farms with an excellent humane record.

Specialty sausages

Specially commissioned by the butchers at Sandys, our range of specialty sausages come in a wide range of varieties including catering for those looking for gluten free sausages and pork free sausages.

Some of the sausage flavours and varieties we have in stock include:
  • Algerian merguez
  • Beef & black pudding
  • Boerewors
  • Chorizio
  • Cumberland
  • Lamb & fresh mint
  • London chipolata
  • Pork & leek
  • Pork apple & cider
  • Spicy Italian

Give us a call and talk to our butchers about 
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Have a special request or want to find out more about our meat range? Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you.

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