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Fresh, sustainable fish from Sandys Fishmongers

At Sandys Fishmongers, we pride ourselves on sourcing our fresh fish from around the world, always being committed to supporting fishing from sustainable grounds. At our fishmongers in Twickenham, you’ll find an extensive range of the freshest fish, from the popular cod and haddock, to seasonal specialties such as wild sea trout.

Fresh fish sourced from the UK and around the world

Whilst we have fresh fish for sale around the world we attempt to use local UK suppliers whenever possible. Our fish is always sourced sustainably whenever possible with our fisherman maintaining ethical standards focusing on quality, sustainability and the protection of the natural environment.

The fresh fish that we usually stock all year round includes:

Cod • Haddock • Skate • Monkfish • Mackerel • Squid • Plaice • Sole • Trout • Salmon • Tuna • Snappers • Halibut • Sea Bream

Smoked fish produce

As a specialist fishmongers Sandys have access to an unparalleled range of fresh smoked fish and ocean produce. Produced in the best UK smoke houses, our produce has a rich, distinct smoked flavour. From old favourites such as smoked haddock, salmon and kippers to more uncommon delicacies including smoked eel and halibut, we cater to all tastes.

Our comprehensive range of fresh smoked fish includes:

Haddock • Manx Kippers • Arbroath Smokies • Scottish Salmon • Gravadlax • Eel • Halibut

Quality shellfish for a real taste of home

Cockles and mussels - the taste of British coastal towns on warm summer days. At Sandys, we take pride in maintaining the great old UK tradition of shellfish delicacies.

We carry a wide selection of shellfish, prawns, crabs, lobsters and more. You’ll find everything you need to complete a perfect seafood medley.

Our range includes:

North Atlantic Prawns • King Scallops • New Zealand Mussels • English Cockles and whelks • Jellied Eels • King Prawns • Cooked and Live Lobsters • Crabs • Clams • Mussels • Live oysters

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